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Running Shoes

A good pair of running shoes that fit your feet and suit your running style can make running so much more enjoyable, and help you smash your PBs. That's why we pride ourselves on our huge range of quality minimalist running shoes from some of the top brands in Australia. Browse our full range below, or use the filters to narrow the results down to your favourite kind of shoes.

New to running, or can't decide between brands/models of running shoes? Try our free online Shoe Advisor for advice! 

Date Posted: 12 June 2018

Whether you’re already an experienced runner or you’re planning to start running regularly, the right gear can make a huge difference to your enjoyment. This list will get beginners on the right track and help veterans complete their kits. RUNNING SHOES Good fitting running shoes will be the most important thing you will need as a runner. To ensure comfort and minimise injuries, you’ll need a shoe specifically designed for ru Read more....

Date Posted: 1 November 2016

As athletes, we know the right shoe can make all the difference. But we also know that finding your perfect match amongst the endless range of brands and models available can be a real challenge. At Wildfire Sports, we stock a variety of footwear to support everyone from the gym to the trails, and our shoe advisor ensures we never sell a pair of shoes unless we know they’re going to do exactly what you want them to. Shoes can be your best investment, but without the proper guidance Read more....

If you find that the muscles in your feet just can’t relax when you are running, this article may be of use to you. The traditional methods of lacing running shoes involves very tight and secure lacing techniques which do not allow for movement of your feet. This often results in tightening of the foot muscles which begins a chain reaction leading to tightening of the leg muscles. The technique outlined below can result in relaxation of the foot muscles and you should observe a Read more....

Injinji have released an updated line of their cutting edge 5-toe socks. The Injinji series is designed for athletes who expect the best performance for themselves and for their products. The new Injinji Performance 2.0 series has been designed to meet the increasing market demand for highly technical socks. Injinji have fine-tuned the fit of their socks, increased their durability and integrated all new features to specifically benefit certain sports and activities. The new fe Read more....

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