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Triswim Conditioner

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TriSwim Conditioner 251ml Tube

…children and is considered a salon rated product. It is recommended to use TriSwim Shampoo to completely remove chlorine, bromine, salt water and odour, followed with TriSwim Conditioner. Safe to use every day. TriSwim is the official hair and skin care product for United States Masters Swimming.…


TriSwim Kids Conditioner 251ml Bottle

…way -Encouraged to use daily. TRISWIM Kids Conditioner pampers your hair as it highly moisturizes. This innovative formula works to hydrate condition and detangle while improving dry and damaged hair without leaving a heavy buildup. TRISWIM Kids Swimmers Conditioner uses the finest ingredients that…


TriSwim Kids Shampoo 251ml Bottle

…and Watercress assist in healing dandruff, and an itchy, dry scalp. Restores hydrates and nourishes, which helps rebuild strong healthy hair. Recommendation: Following TRISWIM Kids Shampoo, use TRISWIM Kids Conditioner to completely nourish hair follicles. Salon quality. Safe to use every day.


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Date Posted: 12 June 2018

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