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Osprey Hose Magnet Kit

The innovative Osprey Hose Magnet Kit allows you to connect the bite valve to your sternum strap , keeping the hose and bite valve in place when not in use but deliver liquid on demand.

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Nathan Sports Replacement Magnetic Hose Clip for Bladder

Magnetic hose clip that attaches to the bladder hose and keeps the hose in place, the nozzle readily within reach and yet out of your way in front. Used in hydration packs with this feature such as the VaporCloud, VaporShadow, Vapor Air, Vapor Airess and Vapor Shape.

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Osprey Three-Magnet Kit

The Osprey Magnet is designed to connect Osprey Hydraulics hose magnets to the sternum strap on your pack for on-the-fly hydration. Compatible with any Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir , this set of three magnets is detachable for your convenience.


Optimus Magnetic Multi Tool

Optimus Magnetic Multi Tool Service functions: 11 mm key forburner bottom nut, 10 mm key for fuel hose change, hook for pump valve, 7 mm key for pump leather cup, 8 mm slot for spindle nut, 6 mm key, screwdriver for jet adjustments, cleaning magnets, 12 mm key, slot for adjusting burner plate legs


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UltrAspire Lumen 115 Magnetic Clip Torch Black

There are numerous advantages of a waist-mounted light. A few key things are that light shines lower on the trail or road ahead- casting shadows over the rocks or other obstacles providing a greater depth of field from the wearer’s view. Better detail and clarity means quicker reaction time, and…


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Garmin GSC10 Speed/Cadence Replacement Parts Kit

The GSC10 Speed/Cadence Replacement Parts Kit includes replacement cable ties, wheel magnet and crank arm magnet . Please check the Specifications tab carefully to ensure that this product is compatible with your device.


Suunto Bike Sensor Service Kit

The Suunto Bike Sensor Service Kit consists of spare parts and a battery kit for the Suunto Bike Sensor . In the Box 2032 battery Battery cap O-ring Crank magnet for cadence Wheel magnet for speed and distance Rubber strap Plastic zip-ties for attaching the Sensor to your bike frame.


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Wahoo BLUE SC Mount Kit

The Wahoo BLUE SC Mount Kit matches the Wahoo BLUE SC Speed/Cadence Sensor . It includes two options for mounting the sensor to your bike: a rubber band mount and a zip tie mount . The kit comes with: Mounting Strap Zipties Rubber Mounting Base Crank Arm Magnet Spoke Magnet .

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Related Categories: Osprey | Nathan
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Date Posted: 12 June 2018

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